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The COVID Deception

For your merchants were the powerful people of the earth, because all the nations were deceived by your witchcraft. Revelation 18:23
This verse is a succinct description of the state of the world today. The wealthy elite (merchants) are the ones in positions of authority. It's not the politicians or the military leaders who are calling the shots. It's the wealthy. And they have caused or allowed the nations to be deceived through the use of witchcraft. The word that's translated witchcraft is pharmakeia which has to do with medicines and poisons. It's where we get our word pharmacy from.

The narrative surrounding COVID-19 and the ensuing "vaccine" certainly qualifies as a medical deception which has deceived the nations. When people are willing to disregard centuries of sound medical practice and implement measures that are not only ineffective but harmful, they have been deceived. Empirical data has shown that COVID-19 was really no worse than the flu. Certain people in authority, at the behest of the wealthy elite, lied about the virus and its effects creating a false, fear-driven narrative. This led to people being willing to risk their health by taking an experimental shot. The shot is called a vaccine but doesn't function as a traditional vaccine, which is deceptive in nature. Data coming in about the shot's effectiveness indicates that it does more harm than good. What it actually does is only known by demons and the few people they taught.

Keep in mind that what's going on in the world today is being driven by the spiritual forces of wickedness in preparation for the man of sin's global authority and subsequent war against the saints. How does the COVID narrative fit into that? To begin with, it gets people used to authoritarian dictates. If nothing else, COVID revealed who was willing to blindly submit to authority, and who resisted. It wouldn't be surprising if the wealthy elite reach into their bag of medical witchcraft and pulled out a more lethal virus to quell those who resist.

Another thing is that it causes division between those who get the shot and those who don't. Essentially, it's a division between those who are deceived and those who aren't. The deceived are intolerant of those who aren't and are using whatever leverage they can to coerce them into getting the shot. In some places, getting the shot is a requirement in order to do business or maintain employment. This will be the same mentality of those who are deceived by the man of sin's signs and wonders. They will collaborate on a code of conduct that worships the man of sin as God. This includes receiving his mark in order to buy or sell. He makes it law and those who refuse to comply will be put to death. The similarities are too coincidental to ignore.