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Globalism is essentially a doctrine designed to reverse what God did at the tower of Babel when He created the nations. It's a doctrine of demons that marginalizes national identity in favor of one that's global. This is fundamental to the man of sin's exercising global authority. If he is to have authority over every nation, as the Bible says he will, then there can't be any strong, independent nations opting out of his rule. All nations will be subservient to his global order.

The globalist doctrine began manifesting in the early 1900s after two world wars brought us the League of Nations and then the United Nations. The U.N. and other global organizations have become the platforms used to propagandize the world. They focus on global issues, whether real or manufactured, claiming that a global response is necessary to address them. The sovereignty of God is rejected being replaced by the schemes of men.

Another aspect of globalism that has prophetic significance is the global economy. Revelation 18:23 stated that in the end times, it is the merchants who are the powerful ones of the earth. It is the wealthy elite who are doing the bidding of evil spirits whether they are aware of what they're doing or not. We know from Revelation 13:17 that a person's ability to buy or sell is able to be controlled. Such control is easily implemented through the use of digital currencies. Whatever system of financial control that the wealthy elite come up with will be used by the man of sin to identify and kill those who will not worship him. That's the ultimate purpose of the demonic globalist doctrine.